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At right: PEX student explores the Internet on a computer provided by his sponsor.

There are numerous barriers to attaining educational equity-training and delivering quality teachers to where they are needed most, among them. Through a new iniative, Xela AID will address learning gaps using an approach based on the groundbreaking work of Sugata Mitra, a professor who began his work in India. Professor Mitra demonstrated that given access to the Internet, a modicum of guidance and encouragement - even from family members who were not familiar with a subject - children will, basically, teach themselves. Amazingly, this self-learning can elevate children's understanding of subjects to levels consistent with those receiving professional instruction. (Sugata Mitra, "The Child Driven Education")

Xela AID will use existing and new technologies and lessons learned from Professor Mitra's work to create new opportunities for self-learning in its current focus area, and to increase the proficiency of teachers.

To begin implementation, Xela AID will partner with existing educational partners in the San Martín Chiquito area (two primary schools, and two high schools). It will seek more isolated locations in the San Martin Sacatepequez area to place computers to allow access for the area's more than 5,000 children.

Funding is currently being sought to implement this exciting new initiative and other strategies as part of an integrated approach to overcoming poverty through creating lasting solutions that remove obstacles to learning.