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1992-Present - The Scouting program in Guatemala includes both boys and girls. Xela AID has supported the program since its inception, in particular, Troop 1 of Quetzaltenango, comprised of children of great need including a number of orphaned children.
There is an extensive body of evidence that supports that children who have early, positive experiences in nature are much more likely to pursue careers in its protection. Xela AID's support of this Troop has been to introduce young Scouts to the natural environment, to grow self esteem and encourage self reliance, and to train new leaders who one day will participate in Xela AID's larger mission.
Xela AID has:
• Sponsored environmental education, including guest speakers and outings to parks and other locations in nature
 As incentives for trash pick-up, supported recreation programs including the purchase of sports equipment and uniforms
 Interacted with the Troop during a number of Mission Trips, including participating in outings and trash pickups
 Sponsored trash pick-up activities and provided prizes for the most trash collected
As resources become available, Xela AID aims to establish a program that would involve scouts in regular activities in nature such as trash pickup, outplanting of native plants in deforested areas, camping in the local mountains.