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In the early 1990s, Xela AID teamed with local midwives specializing in the use of natural medicines to install and populate a small, deminstration medicinal herb garden, and provide opportunities for information sharing among hundreds of midwives. Later, it teamed with the Red Cross to establish a full-sized production green house on Xela AID property which has been used to grow medicinal herbs, food stocks, fruit trees, and native trees for outplanting. This is just the beginning.

Xela AID is working toward to implementing new initiatives in farming and best management practices including:

- Agricultural Best Management Practices
o Soil conservation
o Water drainage and conservation
o Pesticide use (natural, chemical, integrated pest management)
o Fertilizers and nutrients
o Cooperatives and marketing
o Animal husbandry
o Mixed family "milpas" for sustainable farming
o Organic practices

- Education and Training
o Technical High School specializations (animal husbandry, forestry, organic agriculture)
o Adult Education (Continuing Education)

- Sustainable Agricultural Businesses
o Agricultural products distribution models (e.g., Cooperatives)
o Microenterprises (native tree nurseries, animal husbandry farms, secondary products such as milk, cheese, meat)
o Micro-loans Program
o Capacity and Training
o Marketing and promotion

Implementation is pending grant or other funding. If you have an interest in helping to launch one or more of these initiatives, please contact us.