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Quality dentistry is in short supply in rural Guatemala, and access to dental services are non-existent in the majority of rural communities. The majority of children in rural areas go years, some decades, without receiving dental care; and it is common practice to remove ailing teeth rather than fill them.

Since its inception, Xela AID has provided dental services in rural communities. Today, the project provides a dentist one day each week at its June Russel-Glennon Clinic to address the most urgent cases.

Xela AID's challenge in securing daily dentistry has been the the cost: Dentists command large salaries in Guatemala, and Xela AID has had to rely on volunteers. There is a need for a full-time dentist to be resident Xela AID's clinic. With clients covering part of the cost of the service and materials, the estimated balance for four hours of service weekdays each month (service and materials) is $1,500.

If you have an interest in assisting with this project, please contact us.