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Xela AID Volunteer Janet Taylor with JuanaAt right: Xela AID Volunteer Janet Taylor saw the need and raised emergency funds to assist her PEX-sponsored child with assistance after her parents left her to care for four younger siblings. Juana has new hope thanks to Janet's intervention, with assistance fellow volunteer Katherine Sanchez (not pictured). 

Xela AID aims to replace poverty with abundance by removing the obstacles that prevent children from receiving an education. This kind of fundamental change doesn't happen over night, however.

The organization pursues and integrated approach to community development which addresses ALL causes that prevent children from getting an education. By working on all fronts simultaneously, the community makes sustainable progress toward Xela AID's mission:

Xela AID recognizes that education is key to overcoming poverty and to creating abundance. We aspire to ensure that every child in our current area of focus is safe, healthy, well-nourished, educated and equipped to be self-reliant.  Xela AID partners to address the, health, socio-economic and environmental challenges that threaten well-being and pose obstacles to learning. We pursue an integrated model of community development, and solutions that are far-reaching and sustainable.  

In the meantime—and through the generosity of donors who dedicate their funds to this cause—Xela AID provides short-term emergency assistance such as basic food stuffs and adult supervision and mentoring.