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While Xela AID's focus is empowering self-reliance through our Education, Health, Small Business Development and Clean Water Programs, Emergency Relief Funds are also necessary to respond to tragic and unforseen circumstances that arise and which can be life-threatening. Historically, Xela AID Emergency Relief has taken the form of 1) Critical Human Services and Fostering for abandoned or orphaned children, 2) Dignified Housing Projects and 3) Relief During Natural Disasters.

This work is made possible by those who generously donate to our  Emergency Relief Fund. You can learn more about the programs described above by visiting our Disaster Relief page.

You can contribute to this Fund now using by visiting our Donation Page, using the GENERAL DONATION section and buttons to create an amount, in in your notes, specify that your contribution be used for Emergency Relief. 

We appreciate your support, and so do they!