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Xela AID satisfied customer readingAt right: A satisfied customer, right, can now read.

Since its inception, Xela AID has provided optometry services to rural communities, restoring eyesight to thousands and with it, the ability to earn a living, weave, read, and generally enjoy a higher quality of life.

Integral to Xela AID's June Russel-Glennon Clinic is an optometry examination and dispensing room fully stocked with reading glasses, and with prescription glasses in partial stock. Direct Relief International, a long-time Xela AID partner, has provided both prescription lenses and equipment necessary for dispensing.

In the past, Xela AID has partnered with Rodolfo Robles Hospital, Guatemala City, and other optometry professionals locally to provide examinations and follow-up eye care. For ophthalmology, including sight-restoring surgery, Xela AID has teamed with VOSH International (Volunteer Optometrists Serving Humanity).

While optometry services are not currently available daily at the Clinic, visiting service groups provide intermittent services. Xela AID seeks to establish a partnership that would provide for ongoing vision care services, preferably on a weekly basis. Ultimately, it aims to establish vision care services during daily operation.