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One-on-one Spanish tutoring paired with full immersion is a highly effective way to learn Spanish! Quetzaltenango is an active center of language study and the home of Escuela Juan Sisay which Xela AID is proud to have as its language-study partner. 

When you choose to study at Escuela Juan Sisay during a Xela AID Volunteer Vacation, we make all your reservations for you. Providing that a minimum of two participants on our trip wish to study, the school will provide a language tutor who travels with our work group and provides one-on-one tutoring to each student in two shifts. 

Please note that Xela AID arranges Spanish Study only for participants in its Mission Trips program, which allows for extended stays for Spanish study and other purposes. For additional information, see our current Application.

At right: Yaneth, owner of Escuela Juan Sisay and long-time Xela AID partner.

Study Through Xela AID While Supporting Our Important Work

Tuition for language study with the professional of Escuela Juan Sisay during a Xela AID Volunteer Vacation at a cost of just $125 each week/five days. If you wish to continue on after a Xela AID project to study, as part of the Juan Sisay program, students live with a local family. This adds approximately $75 per week to expenses. During a Xela AID project, students stay at Xela AID team accommodations.

The host families associated with Escuela Juan Sisay are middle-class Guatemalan families who offer the student three meals a day, a private room, and a key to the outside door. Staying with a family allows the student the opportunity to practice what they have learned and to participate in Guatemalan daily life.

In addition to tuition, a $50 registration fee is normally paid through other registration sources.Through Xela AID, you pay no registration fee. You will register through Xela AID on our Application, and pay with your trip fees.
Escuela Juan Sisay was founded in 1989 as a non-profit collective
Grammar and practical conversation is taught in pleasant surroundings onsite with the larger Xela AID team
All teachers are university students or graduates who are certified by INGUAT (Instuto Guatemalteco de Turismo) to teach Spanish
One-on-one instruction focuses on the needs of each student
Classes are up to 25 hours a week (3-5 hours per day Monday to Friday) but can be started mid-week upon request
With Xela AID, they are usually broken into 9-noon and 1-4 shifts.